Life’s a beach, then you burn

“POLITICAL INTRIGUE, impossible PASSION and powerful enemies – pure escapism.”

Ana finally has some answers – but now she wishes she never asked the questions. Reunited with her brother, their celebration is short-lived when they are caught up in the power struggle of a plot to bring down the British royal family.

Ordered by government authorities to spy on her father, and ordered by her father to spy on the government, she wants desperately to run away and consign them all to the devil – but if she does, her brother will die.

She is forced to make a devastating choice: live her truth in hiding or live with the establishment’s lies and give up all her dreams.

When family secrets threaten the strength of her love for agent Jake, Navy SEAL Cyrus offers a second chance of freedom and happiness.

Should she seize a rich life of sovereignty or laugh in the face of destiny? Armed, prepared and dangerous, the only way Ana is going down is on her own terms.

Devil Beach delivers a powerful ending punch to the Blood Beach series – a story of truth and love up against the life-long feud of powerful royal enemies.

Coming 2022

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