Life’s a beach, then you die

“Intrigue, jealousy, death and star-crossed love. Rodmell delivers another explosive thriller.”

Deceived by her ex-boyfriend, Ana is held against her will on the Sheikh’s island in the Persian Gulf. Escape, and the urgent need to find her missing brother, is all that she now has to live for. The promise of freedom comes at the price of marriage. Ana has an impossible choice to make.

The hunt for her brother takes her to a former oil rig, turned anti-terrorist HQ. British agent Jake shows up and forces her to let him get involved. When her presence on the oil rig is discovered, the sea-bound fortress becomes a deadly and inescapable prison.

Spitting mad at Ana, Jake has his own dangerous agenda for being there. None of his reasons are for love.

With twenty hired assassins on their trail and nowhere left to hide, Ana fights with Jake side by side. When death beckons, they must learn to trust each other or die.

The Blood Beach series continues with Dead Beach – a tale of treachery, suspenseful action and scorching love.

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