Life’s a beach, then you bleed

“Beautiful people hiding explosive secrets, rips through the beach vibe of this suspenseful thriller."

Ana’s only living relative is her brother. When he disappears from a Greek island, she is haunted by one question: is he dead too?

Convinced it has something to do with her brother’s work as an underwater archaeologist, Ana abandons her London life, and takes over where he left off ­in the Mediterranean ocean – shipwreck hunting. The hunter becomes the hunted when a lethal government agent and a shipload of killers try to stop her.

When bullets start to fly, a gorgeous billionaire, and his mysterious best friend offer her protection. Torn between two powerful men, she is soon embroiled in their families’ twisted games of bloodlines, duty and passion

Trusting the wrong person will bring heartbreak and death, but who can she to turn to when there is no one left to trust?

Blood Beach is the first gripping thriller in a series full of danger, suspense and hazardous love.

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